Titanium and Ergal screws - Questions and Answers

May steel screws be replaced with titanium ones?

Yes, it is possible with the titanium GR5 screws. With the GR5, itis possible to replace steel screws up to 10.9 (steel resistance class).

Do ERGAL screws resist to weather conditions?

Yes, but only if it is oxidised.

Do titanium screws resist to corrosion?

Of course. Resistance to corrosion is one of the main features of titanium.

Which titanium is required on very stressed parts, GR2 or GR5?

You need GR5 Titanium, because it has a greater ultimate strength

For galvanic treatment, it is better to use GR2 or GR5 titanium?

For galvanic treatments, it is better to use GR2 titanium, since it resists more to acid corrosion



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