Carbon fiber screws

carbon fibre screws


Carbon fibre is a threadlike structure, very thin, with which it is possible to build a large range of materials, called compounds, since the fibres are "compounded" that is united together with a mould. Generally, it is made of resin, but it may be made of metal or plastic, its function is to keep the resistant fibres in "pose" (so they keep the correct positioning while absorbing the efforts), to protect the fibres and, moreover, to keep the shape of the compound product.

For the implementation of compound structures, carbon fibres are first threaded together in order to set up some actual cloths in carbon tissue and then, once they are exposed, they are plunged into the mould.

Among its features, there are the high mechanical resistance, the low density, thermal insulation capacity, resistance to temperature changes and to chemical agents effect, good fireproof features.

Screws and bolts in Carbon Fibre available in the following sizes: