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Our screws are available in TITANIUM DEGREE 5 Ti 6Al 4V and TITANIUM DEGREE 2 ASTM.

Titanium Screws

The titanium screws we produce and sell can be used in the following sectors:

Titanium is a metal element, which is well known for its resistance to corrosion and for its high ratio resistance/weight. It is light, hard, with a low density.

Titanium is resistant like steel, but 40% lighter, weighs 60% more than aluminum, but twice as resistant. These features make titanium very resistant to the usual fatigue form of metals.  

Ergal Screws

We also provide for Aluminium alloy 7075, trade name ERGAL: an alloy of aluminium and zinc.
Ergal has the characteristic of being the lightest aluminium alloy and, from a mechanical point of view, more resistant to clashes, efforts, weight and to twisting.

It is also the alluminium alloy less subject to "thermal expansion" and, therefore, most suitable to be used outdoors, as it tolerates in a better way temperature changes (hot and cold). For example, it is used in the nautical and sports sectors (cars, motorcycles, bicycles).

In recent years, ergal nuts and bolts are often used in design elements as well: for example in furniture (chairs..) and even on accessories (lighting elements..), indoors and outdoors.
ERGAL may be anodized in various colours.

Anodization, also known as anodic oxidation, is a non-spontaneous electrochemical process, by means of which a protection layer of aluminum oxide forms on the treated material, protecting it from corrosion.

According to needs, it is possible to pass to the fixing phase, keeping the colour of aluminium or, since the surface has unlimited open holes, it is in the ideal condition to receive any type of colouring.

The purpose of the treatment is to:

• Improve corrosion resistance of the material;
• Increase surface hardness;
• Increase wear and tear and abrasion resistance;
• Provide for a moderate thermal insulation;
• Improve other features such as glueing

We provide custom-manufactured screws.
Relating to Ergal screws, colouring must be requested during the offer.